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Inferno di Noraa PSA PDC CD RN CA DE DM CGCAU “Copper”

OFA CHIC – Excellent Hips; Normal: Elbows, Eyes, Cardiac, Patellas, DM, SDCA1/2; Full Embark Panel Available.

EDoc du Ciel Rouge MR3 x Kahlua di Noraa

Copper is an incredibly strong, hard gripping dog. He is intense and driven on the field and very social/stable off the field. He’s 83 pounds at trial weight and has been my dream competition dog. He’s also my dream companion dog that loves chilling on the couch when not working. Copper is still trialing in multiple sports. His puppies are currently training in a variety of venues, he throws his big, outgoing, social temperament as well as his big grips and drive in his puppies. He is a methodical odor work dog with a natural search. Available for stud service to approved females.

Hellfire von Krigbaum CGCA “Torch”

Normal: OFA Eyes, DM, SDCA1/2; Full Embark Panel Available.

2017 DVG & WDSA IPO3 National Champion Phelan du Loup du Soliel IPO3 (x12) CD RATI CGC x Sloan von Krigbaum IPO2 APR3 CD NA NAJ PD MJ-N TG-N RATI RATN

Torch is an intense, very sporty female. She weighs 62 pounds. She’s a lightning fast leg dog that we can’t wait to trial. She is very biddable and eager to please making obedience a breeze. She has endless hunt drive she thrives off using.

Sarge – Retired

CH Unanim du Basier Orageux x CH Charismatic du Dantero

Sarge was never used in our breeding program but had puppies before he joined our family. We always love hearing from Sarge puppy or grand puppy owners!